Double Chance Betting


In soccer, only three results are expected, a win, lose, or a draw, and if you bet on of the options, you might win. However, no one knows the outcome, and comparing the odds might mislead or luckily secure a win. Double chance betting helps to increase your winning chances. Double chance means staking on two possible outcomes of a particular match. You can decide to bet on the home team to win or draw, or the away team to win or draw. Also, another double chance can be either team to win. This increases your chances because they represent whatever is supposed to happen only that no certainty is associated with the option you select. However, this is a better way to bet other than staking on either a win, lose, or draw. Therefore, double chance betting reduces the risk even, but the odds are lower than the common bets.


Halftime/ Fulltime Betting


This strategy has gained momentum in the last few years. Soccer can change anytime within the 90-minute session, and good results might be overturned in seconds. Therefore, many judi bola platforms have introduced more betting options to suit the bettors. This strategy allows you to stake on the first half and even full-time results. However, you can decide to bet on the first half and so by halftime, you will have determined your fate. This betting variant is special and it falls in the double bets category. However, this strategy might demand the combination of halftime and full-time results, and it is similar to wincast betting. The strategy is more effective but separated by two periods, such that a loss at the halftime mark might tarnish the entire bet. People prefer these bets because they have high odds, and so likely to win a lot of money by staking a smaller fee.


Accumulator Bets


The multi-bets are common among beginners trying to earn as much as they can. It entails combining many bets of different events like whole matches or particular events. Once these bets are consolidated into a single bet, multiplication happens to get a nice profit even when staking a smaller fee. However, many complain of losing the entire bet because of a single match, making the accumulator bet quite risky. Therefore, you must guess all the individual events properly because each contributes to winning chances. However, eventual possible winnings should not drive you because you will be tempted to select matches with higher odds without proper research. Combing the matches’ bets might take time, but worthwhile because you research every game to ensure you select the right odds. Multi-bets are only profitable if the team combination involves the strong teams that have higher winning chances.