Online gambling slots are becoming very popular. This is contrary to the expectations of their government. Indonesia is one of the countries around the world that have banned gambling. The whole context of gambling even online is illegal in Indonesia.

It is understood that Indonesia is an Islamic country and its Islamic laws prohibit any kind of gambling. However, that has not hindered Indonesians from gambling. Online gambling slots are easier to play than the ones in the live casino. Online slots are played virtually and that has been the advantage to the Indonesians.

The History of Online Gambling Slots in Indonesia

Gambling did not start yesterday. Gambling has been existing in Indonesia for over 700 years. This can be attributed to Chinese influence. Gambling was done in the casinos using coins and card games. Even during this time gambling was still popular in Indonesia.

The arrival of the Islamic religion in Asia in the 14th century affected gambling games in Indonesia. This saw gambling in Indonesia being banned. Though, until the 1970s gambling was not fully affected. After this period the government of Indonesia decided to ban gambling in Indonesia.

This did not stop Indonesians from gambling. The introduction of virtual gambling was a turning point for gamblers in Indonesia. However, in 2020 the government took a step and banned international casinos from operating in Indonesia. Again, this was not the end of gambling in Indonesia. Right now, slot online Indonesia sites are becoming very popular in Indonesia thanks to the technology.

Why Online Gambling Slots Are Popular in Indonesia

Rules and laws set by the Indonesian government have not stopped its citizens from gambling. The emergence of online gambling slots has seen gambling rise again in Indonesia.


Technology is making everything possible and easy. It is through technology that online gambling slots emerged. Technology has helped the innovation of the internet. The use of a VPN is an advantage for Indonesian gamblers as they can gamble in the offshore casinos. Besides, it is very difficult for the government to track people using a VPN.

Gamblers Can Play With or Without Money

With this motive, anyone can play. Online casinos provide free money for players to play. If a player does not have money that cannot be an excuse for not playing. Some casinos even give bonuses to their loyal customers. Besides, if a player deposits cash to his online account he is given a free bonus.


Online gambling slots are becoming very popular in Indonesia despite the government terming it illegal. The existence of online casinos even in Indonesia is making it very hard for the government to control online gambling. Even though it is illegal there are people who depend on it and for them, it’s an advantage.