Gambling is popular among South Korean citizens, although the county has harsh rules and regulations on gambling. Online Games such as horse racing, lotteries, as well as boat racing are considered legal while gambling, especially casino games, is strictly prohibited. In the article, we look at gambling and gaming cultures in South Korea.

A Background on South Korea’s Gaming and Gambling Culture

South Korea experienced tremendous economic growth between the 1960s and 1990s. During this time, different industries, including the gaming industry, experienced a boom. Towards the end of the 90s, the South Korean government introduced broadband networks that led to widespread internet access throughout the nation — which caused many Koreans to love online gambling and video games.

Besides being popular among South Korean citizens, gambling in South Korea has tremendously contributed to the development and testing of various online games, for example see 온라인카지노. With many gamers in the country and an increase in online presence among players each year, huge amounts of money are involved. The gaming market has a lot of potential because more South Korean games are gaining popularity, both locally and internationally.

South Korean Gambling Rules

Locals face up to three years in prison if caught playing casino games, including those meant for tourists. Additionally, participating in gambling abroad will also land you in trouble when you return to the country. Due to these strict laws, more and more Korean, especially celebrities, are being charged with habitual gambling when they are at overseas casinos.

The law has also restricted some race games, local lotteries, and the Kangwon Land casino. According to the criminal law of South Korea, gambling is illegal, but gaming isn’t illegal.

The South Korean Casino Industry

South Koreans are more conservative compared to western nations. Therefore, it’s typical to expect such nations to have tough regulations and laws regarding their citizens.

In the course of the 2018 Olympics, visitors to South Korea recognized the nation as being among the few technologically advanced nations globally. The funny thing is that during that time, the country’s casino industry was at its peak — given that almost all casinos were reserved for foreigners.

Gambling Addiction in South Korea

A study done on gambling in South Korea revealed that an average Korean is more likely to be addicted to gambling than people living in other nations. Most people attribute the harsh government rules to the rate at which Koreans get addicted to gambling.

Well, online gambling has not been left out either. In 2019, the Korean police force formed an anti-gambling unit that targeted illegal online gamblers. Nonetheless, Koreans still manage to access international gambling sites using private connections such as VPNs (Virtual private networks).