Japan’s Long History Of Online Gambling

Though Japan is about half the size of the United States, the revenue that both countries create from gambling is almost equal. However, that is where the similarities end. Gambling in Japan is regulated by the government. The laws are strict, and there is a fine line between what they consider games of luck and games of chance.


The Beginning

Outsiders introduced gambling to Japan in the 17th Century in the form of a lottery. Though the country stopped doing the lottery in 1842, it returned after War World II to help raise money for the country. They introduced laws that still govern betting today in 1907. The laws first allowed for betting on certain events that include horse and bicycle racing. Later, motorbiking and boat racing were added to the allowed list.


Online Gambling

Though the lottery is still active, there is only one online legal portal in Japan. Toto runs the lottery and a limited amount of other forms of gambling. Besides the other four forms of betting, the only other sports betting that is legal are football pools. However, the government frowns upon Japanese Citizens from using foreign bookies online there are no laws that govern against it. Since there are no laws govern against it, many Japanese citizens enjoy online betting through other markets. You can read more on 1xbet.


A Closer Look

Since many Japanese citizens enjoy online gambling, it has forced the government to inspect this form of recreational behavior. The Japanese are considering making some changes to their laws and considering making all gambling legal. It is considering allowing licenses for online casinos to help with the country’s debt. In the early 2000s, the government starting the discussion regarding the ways it can be done.


Popularity Of Gambling

Though the legal forms are very popular among Japanese citizens, there are plenty of other games that are popular among the younger generations. The government considers the games games of skill, so they are legal to play. What is also popular in Japan are mobile games. Though the government still does not approve of online betting, they can not stop Japanese citizens from downloading online games onto their mobile devices that enable them to win money.


What Does The Future Hold?

Japan’s government is in search of more revenue to help with the country’s debt. Online gambling is an avenue to do this. So, for that reason alone, it is most likely just a matter of time before they will consider online gambling acceptable. Though Japan has never held a major online gambling tournament, that will change once they legalize betting. This would be the way to recoup a lot of money for their country.